An article recently published by CMS Wire details the importance of thinking through the decision to revamp your MarTech stack before making definitive changes. Detailed in the article, the three questions you should ask before proceeding with adding new services to your stack are:

  • What Is My Stack Missing?
  • Are My Goals and Timeline for a Revamp Realistic?
  • Do I Have the People in Place to Manage Culture and Process Shifts?

The idea coming across is that all of the MarTech solutions in the world won’t solve various issues that you see in your business. This is a dangerous kind of thought that many industry professionals have fallen into as more offerings and services are added to the market every year. These solutions won’t magically improve how your business operates on their own. Not only is it important to be calculated and thoughtful when forming and/or revamping your MarTech stack, but also it’s essential to understand that technology is only one part of the equation for success.

Technology is abundantly present today in every industry imaginable. Rather than relying on the latest technology to drive business, it should be viewed as a tool to more easily find new areas of success and efficiency for your business. Ultimately, every company has the capabilities to invest in the same tools, offerings and services. Marketers, publishers and advertisers alike are all playing in the same arena as their competitors. What is going to set your company apart and push you to the top performer in your industry is the strategy and content that you are creating. Investing in original creators who are going to bring thought-leading and standard-setting ideas to your brand is crucial for remaining competitive in any industry. This in conjunction with the right MarTech stack will truly set your company apart from the pack.