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Omeda + Lytics

An Integrated Audience Platform for Media Companies


Omeda, the leader in audience management for media, has partnered with Lytics, the leader in data driven personalization. Now you can deliver more personalized digital messages and monetize your audience in new ways with one solution.

Media companies have always had access to mountains of valuable customer data, including demographic & geographic data, reader profiles, event and content interest data. As the world moved to digital, being able to take advantage of this customer data in the real world at events and through subscriptions, as well as online with retargeting, advertising and digital campaigns, has become an imperative. Now, with the Omeda + Lytics platform, you can connect your online and offline customer data and deliver great results.

Increase Product Subscriptions

Media companies are always looking for ways to connect the right audience with the right subscription to deliver great content to their readers. With Omeda + Lytics, publishers can find more people on the web (through website and advertising campaigns) who are interested in certain content and sell more subscriptions. Targeting the right person with a subscription offer specific to their individual browsing behavior and the content they read online is a surefire way to increase subscription sales.


Improve Renewals & Requalification, at Lower Costs than Telemarketing

It costs more to win a new customer than to retain the ones you have. This has never been more true than in media, when costs for telemarketing are sky high. With Omeda + Lytics you can identify who is coming up for renewal, who needs to be re-sold and match those users with the channels they respond to (web, mobile, email, social) and the appropriate message. Don’t waste time and money calling everyone on the phone when other channels can deliver better results. With Omeda + Lytics, we can rank individuals based on their likelihood to renew and you can spend your money on the highest value customers.


Increase Event Registration and Attendance

Events are an important component of any media company’s portfolio and driving event registration and attendance is time consuming and expensive. With Omeda + Lytics, you can identify highly engaged individuals across your subscriptions and websites and target them with onsite massages and tailored email programs that resonate with their interests. Have audiences who you can’t seem to reach with your telemarketing and email campaigns? No problem. With Omeda + Lytics you can retarget them on social media and drive registrations.


Re-Engagement Campaigns

Losing a reader can be costly, especially because you know you have content they care about. Lytics + Omeda provide you with a 360 degree view of that customer so that you can entice them back to your publications with the right message delivered through the right channel. Your readers lead busy lives, why not message them with the content they truly care about and at the right time of day for them? The Omeda + Lytics platform can tell you what content they consume and the best days and times to reach them. It’s also easy to run re-engagement campaigns directed at the individuals who are most likely to return, so you don’t waste your time and resources on users who are truly lost.


Convert More Visitors from Anonymous to Known

Media companies deliver a ton of value to users who are not logged in or who do not subscribe to the publication. But an anonymous visitor is not unknown. With the Lytics + Omeda platform, we track anonymous visitors and build up a rich profile of their behavior and content affinity. Publishers can use that knowledge to encourage them to register for newsletters or publications. Converting more anonymous users into known users and subscribers grows your monetizable audience.


Partner Benefits

Complete Data Management

Merge publishing data with behavioral data (handle opt-outs, permissions, product subscriptions)

Over 50+ integrations with marketing tools

Execute campaigns with your existing marketing tools (email, ad platforms, etc.)

All your customer data in one place

With automated bi-directional data sync

Drive user actions on your website

With built-in web personalization tools

Ready to take your media company to the next level with 360 degree customer profiles that combine offline and online data and deliver truly targeted digital campaigns that drive business results?

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