— brought to you by the Subscription Management Team

With audit/interim issues quickly approaching, the Subscription Management Team wanted to remind you of a few things:

  • Dupe galleys are run 3 days prior to the scheduled pre-close date in the client support ticket. Please have all files processed prior to that day. If a file is loaded after the dupe galley is run, please comment in the issue close ticket requesting a new galley be run. This should be the exception though, not the rule.
  • Open Ended Coding (OEC) – please remember to code all records in OEC prior to the close date so they can process to the database.
  • If you wish to update the verification date based on digital opens (for audited brands), please submit a support portal ticket selecting Platform Help – Other.
  • Records with over 3-year verification or demo dates (or more depending on audit bureau rules at the time) are not automatically removed from active qualified class during the issue close. Please let us know if these should be moved to another class or if the demos should be blanked as part of the add/kill instructions for the issue.