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Facebook Drops 3rd Party Data for Ad Delivery

Facebook’s latest change reinforces the value of first party data for media and publishing companies vs shared distribution channels like social and programmatic. Most marketing/advertising campaigns will likely have at least a little of everything but…

Our New Identity

Over the last year, we have made some significant changes: We acquired Sunbelt. We acquired Hallmark Data Systems. We invested in our technology and people via new products and through dynamic additions to our senior…

Instant Gratification: A driving force behind modern media

I want it. I want it first. I’m not concerned with it being completely accurate as long as I am the first to share it and gain some positive reinforcement. Welcome to modern media consumption.…


Audience Relationship Management

Audience Data – Strategic Path To Growth


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Audience Relationship Management

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Omeda + Lytics

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Tens of millions of emails a month.

Bobit Business Media depends on Omeda to provide them with a robust, feature rich, integrated email platform. Unlike most email service providers, our email platform sits on top of your audience database, providing you with deep audience segmentation tools, list fatigue management, and the ability to store multiple email addresses on a single audience record.

Don’t think behavioral data is the future?

By utilizing our behavioral software and email platform, GenLiebert has seen open rates sky rocket. And by sky rocket, we mean open rates over 40% and CTRs over 10%. And they are just getting started.


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Omeda is committed to answering all of your data and business questions, even when you’re burning the midnight oil. Our technical support consultants are there 24/7 to provide world-class service and help you make the most of your Omeda experience.