Our December build includes many updates and enhancements across our products. There have been some time saving updates made in Omail specifically and an exciting time delay which allows you to customize the time the personalization element is delivered.

Audience Search
Issue Date

There is now a description of the issue date instead of a numeric number. This allows you to accurately see the date instead of having to calculate the number of issues per year.

Web Registration Forms
Dragon Forms

You can now flag an order as surface mail or airmail on a Dragon form. There will be a standard field, as well, when creating a new form.

Timed Delay

We have created a new dropdown in the Personalization UI which will allow you to set a time delay before the Personalization element is presented to a visitor on a given list. (Please note this enhancement only works with Olytics 3.0)

Email Builder (Omail)
Summary Stats – saved formats

You can now save your report criteria formats! Once you make your selections for the report criteria, simply click the option at the bottom to ‘save report criteria’. You will be prompted to name the format. When you return, simply load one of your saved formats to save a lot of time.

Preheader option

Exciting news here: Another great way to boost the open rate! You can now enter text to display as the Preheader. This is the teaser copy that appears after the subject line in your recipient’s inbox. You no longer need to code this in your html.

Merge variables for headers and footers

You can now use a merge variable to insert the header or footer content! Automatically merge in the saved content instead of having to manually make additions in your content. There are four options in the merge variable dropdown. To manually insert the content, use either the opt-out header content or opt-out footer content. If you would like to include the merge variable in your content, encase as the Omeda standard merge variable : @(optoutfooterhtml)@ or @(optoutheaderhtml)@

Create GDPR permissions

An API call is now available to allow you to either create or get GDPR permission data. Please contact clientsuccess@omeda.com for details on how to use this call.