Audience Search

Ability to permanently remove a Group Number

The modification has been made so that once you remove the Group Number it will be permanently removed from the Subscription.

Web Services

Webhook in Add Audience API

An API Client can now send in a “CallbackURL” in the request of the Add Audience API that will once the Audience is completed loading will be used to notify the requester.


Added Form Listener to the Menu Ribbon

We have added a Form Listener to the Acquire column in our Menu Ribbon with the “New” tag so that it will be more accessible and easier to locate. Please note, you must have Olytics access to get to the Form Listener Page.

Added Search Capabilities to the Personalization screen

We have added the ability to search Personalizations by name and/or URL restriction, in order to make it easier to filter the items being shown for a clearer view of the prioritization. Search results are saved even if the page is reloaded, or if you navigate back.

Added ability to target Personalizations based on url parameter and value

We have added the ability to target Personalization efforts based on a parameter or parameter/value combination in a URL. Now you can setup whatever parameters you wish to target based on in the UI.

Added Created By to existing personalization search table

We have added “Created By” to the Priority Table so that we can now see who created the Personalizations.

Added way to target/exclude mobile/desktop users for Personalization Modals

We have added the ability to target/exclude mobile site users for Personalization. With this addition you can have one effort that displays on mobile and another on desktop.

Added  a way to allow you to ignore incoming field(s) from Form Listener – if you wish

There is now the ability to dictate which fields should NOT be captured from your form that is using Form Listeners.


Added a new option to “Sent As” dropdown in the Search

We have Added a new “Sent As” option for “All Except Recurring and ODSend API” as a way to view everything except Recurring, Rapid, Recurring & Paid, API and Odyssey.