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Web Behavioral Tracking (Olytics) – Overview & Capabilities


One of most exciting enhancements is our Olytics web behavioral tracking service, which provides valuable web behavioral tracking of both known and unknown visitors for a holistic view of your overall audience, and opportunities in the areas of targeted segmentation and marketing, content management, and lead generation.

It’s our belief that “a cookie is a customer”, and we enable you to track the web behaviors of unknown customers and store the relevant data on the master database, thereby enabling you to analyze and market to all of your customers – known and unknown. When an unknown customer does complete a registration, we retroactively attach that cookie’s past history to the new “known” customer record.

The numerous benefits of Olytics include deeper behavioral and contextual engagement metrics for more targeted marketing efforts and enhanced lead generation, and API-driven segments to drive better content and offer management.

Olytics can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Web Page Abandonment
    • With Olytics, you can identify the customers who visited your subscription pages
    • Send a follow up email to visitors who did not complete and submit the form
  • Increase Web Site Visits
    • Using the General Traffic Report, identify the most-read articles
    • Deploy a “Friday wrap up” with the hot topics of the week
  • Create Recurring Deployments for Specialized content
    • Send emails to people who have shown interest in a Category or Tag within a selected date range
  • Lead Gen Opportunities
    • Identify people interested in specified topics to promote white papers
    • Upsell advertisers with an enhanced profile of visitors by adding their demographics


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