GDPR Consent Management

GDPR and Personalization Building a GDPR Personalization allows you to track your site users’ consent using messages or popup modals that you create. This tool also allows you to store the consent within your database and target the audience that will see your message.   How it works Design a personalized message for your visitors with…

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GDPR Overview

Disclaimer – The GDPR is a complex and evolving regulation. The below information is meant only as a guide and should not be considered legal advice. You should consult with your legal team to evaluate your own risk and practices, and to determine the next logical steps for your organization. How GDPR Impacts Publishers and…

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Release Notes for V18.9

UI Enhancements Audience Builder (OnQ) Omeda continues to enhance the look and usability of Audience Builder based on your comments and suggestions. The wrapping on both the folder side and canvas side has now been improved. UTF8 Encoding Integrations Clients can now select UTF8 encoding when outputting files in Delta Extract and Lead Gen. GDPR…

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