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Odyssey Overview

Odyssey – Omeda’s Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing Automation (MA) is a core business requirement across all of our customers, but most have unique needs when it comes to execution. We set out not to integrate with an infinite number of providers, but to work with the core companies most likely to help you drive your message forward in your efforts to grow audience and monetize data. This approach has led to an initially smaller number of integrations, but will hopefully concentrate on your core channels across social, display, and on-site (with lots more to come).

One important item to note – the Odyssey MA platform is built on top of our existing Email Builder (Omail) product, meaning all of your sending IP’s/Domains and reporting are still being driven by the same core infrastructure that have supported your ESP needs for years. There are no plans to sunset Email Builder (Omail) as it still plays a key role in a more operationally-driven, volume-based email sending capacity. The vision is that while Email Builder is used for the one-to-one efforts with lighter automation/splits, Odyssey is where marketers will start building out more significant, ongoing voyages to speak to their audiences in ways not previously possible. So let’s get started!

The Basics:

Odyssey is listed under the “activate” channel in the top header and is available at no additional cost to our customers. You’ll still need to be a customer of the particular channel (such as email) or for the space that you buy (through Facebook Ads Manager), but there isn’t an up-charge for Odyssey. Once you login, you can search existing voyages based on template, date range, status, or by keyword in the voyage name.

To start a new voyage, click on “create new” in the top left-hand corner which will let you select from a starter template, or from a blank canvas. Once you’ve created your own voyages that you really like, you can save these and make them available on this screen moving forward (a great timesaver!).

If you select a starter template it will preload certain elements as part of a preset voyage. If you select a blank canvas you’ll need to drag different elements onto the canvas to get started.

Toolbox Elements:

Current Elements:

  • Audience – Select the starting audience of your voyage with two primary options:
    • Continuous Audience – Set the frequency between 1X (weekly) to 7X (daily) and select a saved Audience Builder query. This voyage will run at that interval for anyone new to the query on a recurring basis, as specified. Great for welcome series, re-engagement campaigns, and lead gen.
    • Static List – Select an Audience Builder query, an internal file, or an external file for single use. Great for one-off promotions that have a singular start and end point.
  • Schedule – Select the date and time for the next element in the voyage to occur. If running a continuous voyage, this will be the same time of day for each day selected. You can also select to “send now” – the send will begin as soon as the Schedule function is complete.
  • Send Email – Dropping the Email element onto your canvas allows you to deploy an email send
    • Deployment Type – Select the appropriate deployment type for the content that you are sending.  The unsubscribe link merge variable will populate with this deployment type and optouts are stored accordingly.  Odyssey will allow you to select a different deployment type for any of the subsequent sends in your journey.  If utilizing this functionality, please note that your original audience list query should contain those suppressions to avoid customers dropping from the sends.
    • Subject – This is a required field.  Data is not populated from the Omail default settings.
    • From – This is a required field.  Data is not populated from the Omail default settings.
    • Mailbox – This is a required field.  Data is not populated from the Omail default settings.  This is the verbiage that appears before the sending domain.
    • HTML
      • Use the icon in the top left to fetch content from a static URL
      • Use the Expand icon on the top right to obtain a larger view of the html.  You can enter content in one of 3 ways
        • Get from URL
        • Upload Content
        • Cut/paste
      • The Source icon will allow you to flip between html code and the WYSIWYG editor
      • You must hit the Apply or Apply and Close buttons to save
    • Plain Text
      • Use the icon in the top left to auto-generate the text version
      • Use the Expand icon on the top right to obtain a larger view of the text content box.  You can enter content here in one of 3 ways
        • Get from URL
        • Upload Content
        • Cut/paste
      • You must hit the Apply or Apply and Close buttons to save
    • Testers & Seeds
      • Select the gear in the top right to open the text box for entering Testers & Seeds
      • The user will automatically be included as a seed and test name. Enter all other desired seednames.  If the seedname should also be a Tester, be certain to check the Add Tester box.
      • Click Apply to save this data
  • Wait – This give you an option to set filters and conditions to the target audience if your Voyage contains multiple steps
    • Before sending an email, you can set a “wait” element which lets you delay the next action from taking place. It can be delayed based on three different triggered conditions:
      • On Send – everyone will move in a single group based on how long you set the wait delay
      • On Open – since the open can occur long after the send you can set an “expiration” on the trigger
      • On Click – since the click can occur long after the send you can set an “expiration” on the trigger
    • After sending an email you can target different messages based on the behavior taken, this is a multi-choice field and multiple elements can be driven by the same action
      • Opened + Clicked
      • Opened + Not Clicked
      • Opened + Clicked plus Opened + Not Clicked – it is a multi-choice option where you can select all opener, regardless of click activity
      • Not Opened
    • Here is a sample voyage showing that upon sending the email it will wait five hours to filter, then the recipient will either receive an email, facebook ad, or on-site popup modal depending on what they did with the first email they received.
  • Facebook – Send your audience directly into Facebook Ads Manager (or Business Manager) to target directly with ads on Facebook and/or Instagram using custom audiences.
  • Personalization – Target your audience as they browse your website(s) via popup modals or inline targeting. View more on our Personalization page. (link)
  • Google Ads Manager – Target your audience with display ads through Google Ad Manager (previously DFP).

Coming Soon:

  • AdRoll – This programatic option gives you the chance to target your known audience across additional extension networks through your own AdRoll account
  • SMS Text – An integration with a SMS market leader will let you send one-off text messages as part of a voyage
  • Telemarketing – Adding a phone call through a 3rd party telemarketing firm provides a high-touch option for higher-value products and conversions
  • Print On Demand – The ability to mail a customized direct mail piece can help close conversions on longer sales cycles

Sample Voyage:

Odyssey voyages are only limited by your creativity and the amount of marketing materials that you have at your fingertips. Below is a sample voyage, but we encourage you to build your own and send your favorites to

Saving and Scheduling:

Once you have completed the setup of your Voyage (all elements are flagged with the green check),  follow these steps to Test and Activate:

  • Click ‘Create’ – A popup will appear where you can enter the Voyage Detail information.
    • Voyage Name – this must be a unique name
    • Description – not required, verbiage that is entered here is not currently viewable when the voyage is reopened
  • The ‘Create’ process will run in the background.
    • if successful, the voyage will now be in a “Published” status.  This may take a few minutes to complete.
    • if not successful, error messages will be presented (in the UI and also sent to you in an email)
  • Return to Search to view the status.
  • Once in the Published status, you can reopen your Voyage in order to send tests for any of the Email elements.  Click on the Email icon(s) and scroll to the bottom of the right hand panel.  You will see the testing options.
  • You are able to make any needed edits to content and the Voyage flow.
  • Save for Later – click this option after your edits if you are not ready to schedule the Voyage
  • Schedule – click this option to place the Voyage into the sending queue.
    • Note:  please verify the date and time in the Schedule element(s) prior to selecting this.  The Schedule link does not present an opportunity to review the scheduled time.

Sample Use Cases:

  • Welcome Series – Target new users to your audience database with a gradual introduction to other products and services
  • Reengagement Campaign – Target names that have stopped responding to emails or telemarketing via other channels like social, display, or on-site targeting
  • Renewal/Requals for Paid Expires – Coordinate and automate your efforts across multiple channels
  • Cross-Promotions – Automatically deploy additional campaigns when audience members fall into the right combo of products, demographics, and behaviors
  • Lead Generation for Advertisers – Enhance your advertiser’s lead funnel with automated efforts to their target audience


Long-term, we’ll continue to add enhancements and additional channels.

Last Updated On January 11, 2019
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