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CredSpark – Omeda Form Listener Integration


CredSpark is an engagement platform where you can create quizzes, surveys and polls. CredSpark has recently updated their platform so you can now use Omeda’s Form Listener to capture form transactions directly to your Omeda database.


To being the setup, contact to update your CredSpark account with Omeda CDP code. You will only need to provide the OID Connection Key. If you have access to Olytics,  you can find it here or from Omeda Portal (Menu >> Integrations >> Olytics)

Creating Surveys/Quizzes:

Once the CredSpark setup is completed, you can begin creating forms in CredSpark.  After you have published your form, under the [Edit/Publish] tab there will be a data table (see screen shot below) that provides the necessary information to complete the Form Listener setup in Omeda.

In the data table:

  • Form URL used to indicate the URL the form is on.
  • Demographic dictionary (Question, Question ID, Response value, Response ID, Type).  The CredSpark transactions return ids  – the data table translates the Ids to descriptions.


  • Form Listener only works on single page forms so make sure you select single page when creating your form.
  • Your form will need at minimum an email address in order  create a new customer or to match to an existing customer.
  • Omeda CDP JavaScript code is automatically added to all surveys/quizzes (both past and present). You will not need to change anything on the site the form is hosted on.

Click here for instructions on how to create an Omeda Form Listener job.







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