Powerful technology built to acquire and activate event audiences.

Built on an intuitive, mobile friendly, web-based interface Cobalt is able to match attendees with specific exhibitors based on key behavioral and demographic attributes.


Easy to Implement and Intuitive to Use


Step 1 - Email Reminder

Shortly before the show, Omeda deploys an email invite to all registered event attendees reminding them to set their priorities.

No Download Required


Step 2 - Easy Swipe Interface

Without having to login, Omeda's Active Match technology presents products that automatically aligns with attendees interests.

Cobalt step 3

Step 3 - Set Meeting Time

Attendees can set a meeting time and exhibitors are alerted and prepared.


Step 4 - Review and Edit Priorities

At any time, without having to login, attendees can review or edit their priorities and adjust meeting times with exhibitors.

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