Omeda Idea Exchange

OX3 Speaker Presentations

  We had some incredible speaker presentations at the third annual Omeda Idea Exchange. They covered topics from the value of data, data organization and cleansing, artificial intelligence, the importance of audience and content, strategies to organize media events, the future of media, and much more. Explore what each of these speakers has to offer.…

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OX3 – Linda Longton from Randall-Reilly

Linda Longton, SVP of Audience at Randall-Reilly, gave a terrific presentation about how, in today’s world, Content is King now more than ever. Creating audience personas makes it easier to provide visitors with high-value content & receive high-value audience engagement in return. Learn about how her team went through trial and error to find success…

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OX3 – Jessica Cole from Becker’s Healthcare

CEO of Becker’s Healthcare, Jessica Cole, provided great strategy ideas for media events. She emphasized using simple strategy, being customer centric, and focusing on what your niche is. Every year, your events should get better and stronger, while still controlling costs where you can. Media events are in the early stages in terms of development…

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OX3 – Matthew Yorke from Northstar Travel Group

Matthew Yorke, CDO of Northstar Travel Group gave a captivating presentation on the state of the media industry today. The industry is changing, and disruption is a constant state. Rather than looking at this as a challenge, why not view it as an opportunity? Learn how you can use your brand in conjunction with technology…

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OX3 – Joel Hughes from Ensemble IQ

Joel Hughes, COO of Ensemble IQ, taught us how to build a culture of data to be the focal point for your company. Don’t get a false start on what you think is strong data organization. Cleaning up your content and your audience, and truly understanding what is in your data, is essential for being…

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OX3 – Jeff Litvack from AdWeek

Jeff Litvack, CEO of AdWeek, kicked off the presentations with a conversation on the future of advertising, subscriptions and content. He covered the top five trends that he is seeing in today’s industry. Hear about the value of media, media companies having to find alternative revenue outside of advertising, the importance of your data and…

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