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Deliver Highly Targeted Ads to Your Websites: Use Your First-Party Data from Omeda to Engage Subscribers.

Advertising on your website is one of the best ways to increase revenue. Due to all of the online content that your subscriber consumes, delivering relevant ads becomes increasingly necessary.  The integration between Omeda and DoubleClick for Publishers helps you reach your customer and personalize their journey as they consume your content. While some CDP’s use implied assumptions to target ads, your Omeda connection uses your known first-party data. 

Discover a Partnership Delivering the First End-to-End Audience Engagement Platform Designed for Media.

The Omeda and Lytics partnership benefits are wide ranging as you gain the ability to combine best-in-class audience management with best-in-class audience activation. Holistic, persistent customer profiles that reflect both your event and subscription data as well as your digital data (web, mobile, social, email, etc.) bring many options to your team to segment and create new campaigns. Monetize and activate all of your data with one solution.

Elevate Your Campaigns Through an Omeda & Marketo Integration.

Combine the sophistication of Omeda’s Audience database with Marketo in order to activate your select audience through highly targeted campaigns. Setup the data integration with ease as you make initial selections to meet your preferences. After your selections are complete, data is sent nightly so that your audience data is at your fingertips for each communication point.

Enrich Your BlueConic Profiles with Data from Omeda.

Import your audience data into the BlueConic profile to build robust customer profiles. Unlock the revenue potential as you effectively target your audience via touchpoints in the spots they visit regularly. Updates occur nightly on the customer fields you choose ensuring the timely data updates.

Know Your Audience Segments & Discover Your Most Valuable Segments Through Omeda Data & Adobe Analytics.

Push your data to Adobe Analytics at the selected frequency with a full file based on Omeda’s OnQ Query and the fields you select for output. Realize the benefits of targeting behavior-driven segments. Effectively reach users based on how they interact with your brand and continue to target them in campaign efforts while tracking behavior.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Webinar Attendees.

Integrate your webinar audience into your master audience database allowing you to more effectively target them as you customize their experience and communication points. Move information from On24 to Omeda nightly in order to optimize your audience and messaging. Build specific information on users into your database - including webinar behaviors such as: attended live, attended on demand, registered, engagement score, asked questions.

Grow Your Omeda Database with Digioh.

Capture more leads on your website with Digioh Lightboxes. Target specific visitors on your website based on URL, past history, location, referring source, and more! The average client will see 2X more leads in the first 7-days. Real-time integration with Omeda. As soon as Digioh captures a lead, it is pushed it into Omeda’s database, along with analytics data. See it in action, by requesting a demo.

Grow and Captivate Your Audience with Shorthand and Omeda.

Shorthand is the platform trusted by marketing teams, journalists and other communications professionals to create the world's most engaging digital stories. With arguably the highest engagement metrics in the industry, Shorthand has become synonymous with high-end visual storytelling, captivating news, magazine, and brand audiences around the world. Combine the power of Omeda's audience management solution with Shorthand to move your web presence from ordinary to outstanding, and be part of the Exceptional Web.