Helping companies manage and activate audiences for over 30 years

The most successful media companies deploy audience intelligence across entire organizations to provide insight and catalyze innovation. We believe that understanding audience behavior, content engagement and event participation is the intellectual foundation for driving better decisions about existing product investment and new product launches.

Omeda was founded in Chicago by The Obermans, a family of trade publishers who understood the value of utilizing technology to properly segment and target their subscriber base. Over the years, as technology advanced and customer needs evolved, our core capabilities expanded to encompass print, email and web-based audience solutions. Along the way, we have invested in modern infrastructure to capitalize on strong processing power and to maintain the most sophisticated data matching capabilities. Through our commitment to the media and publishing industry, we remain privately-owned and relationship-focused, remembering that we only succeed when our clients thrive in these rapidly changing times.

Our role as a partner to media companies transcends the old circulation models and truly modernizes the process of accumulating and segmenting an audience.

Leadership Team


Aaron Oberman

Chief Executive Officer
James Capo - Omeda

James Capo

Chief Revenue Officer

Glenn Eisenhuth

Chief Financial Officer

Bryan Swartz

Senior Vice President, Audience Operations

Tony Napoleone

Vice President, Client Success

Amy S. Turner

Vice President, Human Resources

Bettina Lippisch

Vice President, Data Success

Tracy Rivas

Vice President, Development

Doug Gainous

Vice President, User Experience


Client Success Manager

Marketing & Client Success ¦ Chicago, IL ¦ Full-Time Position: Omeda is seeking a Client Success Manager to join our growing team in downtown Chicago. The Client Success Manager will work with a portfolio of enterprise clients…

Northstar Travel Group Partners with Omeda to Simplify their Martech Stack

Chicago, IL – OMEDA and Northstar Travel Group have formed a new partnership that includes the full portfolio of Omeda tools and services.  Northstar is the leading B-to-B information and marketing solutions company serving all…

Omeda’s Client Partnerships Expansion

Chicago, IL – Over the last six months, OMEDA has sizably expanded their client base adding multiple companies to their portfolio. As the leader in Audience Relationship Management, Omeda offers their partners an end-to-end audience…

Customer Highlights

Tens of millions of emails a month.

Bobit Business Media depends on Omeda to provide them with a robust, feature rich, integrated email platform. Unlike most email service providers, our email platform sits on top of your audience database, providing you with deep audience segmentation tools, list fatigue management, and the ability to store multiple email addresses on a single audience record.

Don’t think behavioral data is the future?

By utilizing our behavioral software and email platform, GenLiebert has seen open rates sky rocket. And by sky rocket, we mean open rates over 40% and CTRs over 10%. And they are just getting started.

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